Covid Precautions

Our precious guests,

As İNKA TURİZM and ALÇİN TURİZM TRAVEL AGENCY, all necessary precautions have been taken against the new Covid-19 virus for our guests who will travel in all our vehicles. *Mask use is provided for all passengers in the vehicle. *Alcohol-based hand sanitizer, cologne, enough masks and gloves for guests and drivers are available in all our vehicles. *The seats, door handles, hand grips of all our vehicles are cleaned in detail before and after each time. *Social distance and contactlessness are maintained in taking luggage and shipments. *Information letters about the protection of all guests from the Covid-19 virus are hung in our vehicles in Turkish and English. *Curtains have been made in all our vehicles to protect the contact and social distance between the driver and the guests. *Within the scope of the measures taken against the new Covid-19 virus, our flights are organized in accordance with 50% carrying capacity, and our guests are informed by leaving the middle seats of our vehicles empty. Best Regards,

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