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Welcome to İnka Tourism

Welcome to İnka Tourism…

İNKA TOURISM is an organization operating in personnel and tourism transportation since 1995. With its 25 years of experience, it offers professional transportation services to distinguished companies and hotels in Istanbul.

Our company (ALÇİN TOURISM) affiliated to TÜRSAB with document number 10204 also serves as (A) Group Travel Agency.

V.I.P Transfer Services

Since the day it was founded, it has adapted today's technology to the sector with its expert staff, without sacrificing service quality, always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront. Today, it has taken the place it deserves in the sector by serving the most distinguished companies of Turkey.

It fulfills its tourism transportation service under the most economical conditions without sacrificing quality.


Our references, which are indicators of our work experience and reliability, ensure that we are proud today and that we will work with reputable organizations with higher quality in our future. Hoping to see you among our references we have created with this whole working system...


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